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Cisco TelePresence® Server brings multiparty video to unified communications deployments. Its flexible video, audio, and content-sharing capabilities allow users to participate in video conferences with multiple parties. Users can easily create, launch, and join meetings using standards-based video endpoints. Or their mobile devices or Cisco WebEx® clients. Or even third-party video endpoints. The server provides high-quality, standards-based video conferencing for mobile, desktop, and room systems. This scalable video conferencing bridge works with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. For midmarket and larger enterprise customers, it works with Cisco TelePresence Conductor to offer cost-efficient conferencing. It also works with Cisco TelePresence Management Suite for conference booking, conference scheduling, and resource management.


Cisco TelePresence Server benefits include:

  • A consistent user experience across mobile, desktop, and room-based video conferencing solutions

  • Flexible layouts, and views optimized for the capabilities of each device

  • An enhanced user experience with features including Cisco ActivePresence®layouts, ActiveControl in-meeting controls, and individual participant identifiers; and Cisco ClearPath for optimal video quality

  • The ability to elastically scale meetings beyond the capacity of a single Cisco TelePresence Server

  • Broader reach, by extending meetings to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center users

  • Highly cost-efficient and scalable conferencing

Cisco TelePresence Server is available as a virtualized application compatible with standard Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) servers, or can be deployed on dedicated hardware platforms. Flexible licensing options enable customers to deploy Cisco TelePresence Server capabilities in the way that best suits their needs. Cisco TelePresence Server can be licensed on a per-host basis with Cisco Multiparty licenses. Cisco Multiparty licenses are recommended and are held centrally on Cisco TelePresence Conductor, offering increased efficiency and redundancy.


Product compatibility

The server is standards-based and compatible with major vendors’ endpoints.

Universal transcoding and transrating

- The server can combine immersive, HD, standard-definition (SD), and 360p endpoints within the same virtual meeting.
- The server provides automatic audio and video transcoding along with transrating on all calls.
- Each endpoint has its own decode and encode.

Content features

- Automatic content handover is supported.
- The server supports standard (4:3) and wide-screen (16:9) content.
- Dual video is supported with H.239, Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP), or Auto Collaborate.
- Picture in picture: Video and content are composed into the video stream.
- Participants can have their own content transcoded at up to 1080p30 or WUXGA (1920 x 1200) at 27 fps.

Video standards

- H.261;
- H.263;
- H.263+;
- H.263++;
- H.264

Video resolution

From Quarter Common Intermediate Format (QCIF) up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) including interlaced CIF (iCIF) and interlaced Standard Interchange Format (iSIF)

Aspect ratios

4:3 and 16:9

Frame rates

Up to 60 fps

Audio standards

- G.711;
- G.722;
- G.722.1;
- G.723.1 (supported only on Cisco TelePresence Server MSE 8710);
- G.728;
- G.729;
- Polycom Siren14/G.722.1 Annex C

Audio features

- Wideband audio mixing;
- Ability to adjust endpoint audio gain through web interface


- H.3231;
- Network Time Protocol (NTP);
- Session Initiation Protocol (SIP);
- Telepresence Interoperability Protocol Version 8 (TIPv8);
- H.235 (AES);
- H.239 (dual video);
- FTP;
- Real-Time Transfer Protocol (RTP);
- Secure HTTP (HTTPS);
- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) (supported only on the MSE 8710 and Multiparty Media 310 and 320)

Security features

- PIN-protected conferences;
- Conference locking;
- Secure non-PC hardware and operating system;
- Transport Layer Security (TLS);
- Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP);
- AES encryption, 128-bit key, and H.235 (H.235 only on MSE 8710)

System management

- An XML management API is available.
- All platforms are managed remotely using Cisco TelePresence Conductor.
- The server offers full H.323 (supported directly on the MSE 8710; other Cisco TelePresence Server platforms require Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server [VCS] to interwork with H.323) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) decoding, which is supported on all platforms.
- The server offers configurable event logs.
- The server offers configuration backup to network.
- The server offers the ability to perform secure upgrades through Ethernet.

Quality of service (QoS)

The server provides configurable differentiated-services-code-point (DSCP) or type-of-service (ToS)/IP precedence.

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