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Cisco TelePresence® Conductor software simplifies multiparty video collaboration. It orchestrates the allocation of conferencing resources for every user in a meeting. Cisco TelePresence Conductor helps to ensure that the user experience is always, consistent, irrespective of user, meeting type and endpoint. TelePresence Conductor is a virtualized application. When deployed in conjunction with Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extensions (Cisco TMSPE), Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMRs) may be provisioned simply and rapidly. TelePresence Conductor also facilitates large-scale user self-service, allowing users to create and configure their personal CMR preferences Enabling increased scale, and reducing the administration effort required to manage conferences, TelePresence Conductor simplifies conferencing management. Administrators can specify the exact service level and experience required for each user. For example, administrators can determine whether users enjoy standard- or high-definition video, how many participants may connect, the maximum service level available to attendees, and even which Cisco TelePresence Server or Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) is selected, according to geographic location.


Cisco TelePresence Conductor offers many benefits:

  • Intuitive Experience

  • Highly scalable conferencing

  • Reduced administration overhead

  • Service differentiation, allowing administrators to define specific classes of service for different groups of users

  • Enabling users to meet the way they want – either in instant, personal and scheduled conferencing modes

  • Allows conferences to dynamically grow and even exceed the capacity of individual conferencing resources

  • Scales from small businesses to large enterprises, supporting expansion as usage increases

  • Simplifies the administration and management of conference configuration through intelligent optimization of multipoint resources (note that intelligent optimization is supported only on Cisco TelePresence Server)

Features of Cisco TelePresence Conductor include:

  • Dynamic conference growth and ad-hoc conference escalation, allowing dynamic two- to three-way conferencing. Conferences may even grow beyond the capacity of a single TelePresence MCU or TelePresence Server (if an administrator allows), to support huge conferences spanning many conference bridges, to allow administrators to cater for all conferencing requirements.

  • Customizable templates that define the characteristics of a conference and can be tailored for each user’s specific requirements and their service level entitlements.

  • Conference personalization which helps ensure the conferencing experience is tailored to meet each user’s personal preferences for settings such as layout and personal identification numbers (PINs).

  • Conference virtualization: Cisco TelePresence Conductor dynamically selects the most appropriate Cisco TelePresence resources for each new conference.

  • Pooled resource orchestration and load balancing, improving service availability.


Supported Cisco UCM and Cisco VCS versions

- Supports Cisco UCM 8.6.2 or later (Version 9.1.1 or later is recommended to support encryption of rendezvous and ad-hoc calls using Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and SIP Transport Layer Security (TLS). Refer to the Optimized Conferencing for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Solution Guide for more information.).
- Supports Cisco VCS Version X6.0 or later


- Supports management and monitoring of Cisco TelePresence Conductor Conferences with Cisco TelePresence;
- Management Suite (TMS) (The latest version of Cisco TMS is recommended);
- Supports call logging and diagnostics;
- Supports logging to a syslog server


- Full-capacity versions can be deployed in triple-redundant cluster;
- Two medium-sized Conductor virtual machines, supporting up to 50 concurrent call sessions, can be clustered together;
- Supports duplicated databases and duplicated data

Cisco TelePresence Server and MCU support

Supports the Cisco TelePresence MCU (version 4.4 or later) and TelePresence Server (version 4.0 or later).
(Cisco Conference bridges with earlier versions of software will work, however, in order to support all features and functionality we strongly recommend that MCUs and TelePresence Servers run the latest software versions.)

Server requirements for Cisco TelePresence Conductor Virtualized Application

- Cisco UCS Servers or third-party servers that meet the minimum requirements;
- VMware vSphere or vCentre server running ESXi v4.1, ESXi v5.0 (update 1), ESXi v5.1 or ESXi v5.5;
- Two 2.4GHz (minimum), 2.8GHz (recommended) host CPU cores per Cisco TelePresence Conductor Virtual Machine; 6-GB RAM per virtual machine; 132-GB disk space per virtual machine (4-GB virtual disk 1 plus 128-GB virtual disk 2)

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