Konica Minolta Geministar III


Seamless projection of a realistic star field by optical system and dynamic computer graphic by digital system provides a new generation space theater.

Since announcing the GEMINISTAR , the world’s first integrated planetarium, in 1994, Konica Minolta has been a consistent pioneer of integrated systems, sending many integrated planetariums out into the world. And today, as a result of further research and development, a new model is born: GEMINISTAR III, the integrated planetarium of 3rd generation.

GEMINISTAR III completely centralizes optical and digital systems into a single system. The integrated console realizes a broad range of programs and effects in real time through seamless operability which makes no distinction between optical and digital.

Furthermore, through organic fusion of a real, beautifully starry sky, and powerful Computer Graphic (CG) imagery, it is possible to project the dramatic, immense spectacle of the universe on the full dome screen.


  • More beautiful and more realistic starry sky featuring high-luminance fixed stars.
    GEMINISTAR III utilizes the world’s first hybrid optical-fiber method for the fixed-star projection system. By enhancing the efficiency of utilizing light, not only the bright fixed-star can be projected with less power consumption, but the bright stars can be reproduced as if the audience is in the real star-field with the small and brilliant star images which are made by the direct projection from the ending surface of the optical fiber. It features an efficient metal halide light source with high color temperature producing the natural colors of stars more expressively with high fidelity.

  • Scientific and impressive presentation that only integrated planetarium can produce.
    GEMINISTAR III reproduces not only beautiful star-field that attracts and relaxes audience, but also dynamic projection image beyond time and space of three dimensional universe that could never be realized by conventional types of planetarium.

  • The integrated system enables us to operate easily and to make show-program in high standard possible.
    GEMINISTAR III has evolved the way of operation a great deal. Without awareness of the difference between an optical planetarium and a digital planetarium, the intuitive operation can be done freely in real time. The integrated console panel has well designed layout with larger size of lettering, pictograph letter etc. on it adopting the universal design totally for easy operation. Also, newly designed GUI (Graphical User Interface) has made the operation remarkably in higher grade.


  • High quality projection delivered through the best optical planetarium in the world, the Konica Minolta Infinium L and S, and the best digital planetariums available such as Konica Minolta Super Mediaglobe-II and Sky-Skan DigitalSky2.

  • Perfect integration between optical and digital systems

  • Integrated control console with universal design

  • Integrated Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Integrated presentation


Dome Type

Horizontal / tilted

Dome size in Diameter

12~20m (Type S)
18~27m (Type L)

Recommendable Number of Fixed Stars

12,800 ~ 15,000 pcs. (Type S)
15,000 ~ 29,000 pcs. (Type L)

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